The player controls three Americans volleyball players. They can perform the classic volleyball actions: pass, jump, dunk, block. They will push waves of enemies approaching the net. 

On keyboard :
Z Q S D to move / or  W A S D
Space to jump
F to shoot
R to switch players
U to pass to the first player
I to pass to the second player
O to pass to the third player
J to Block

On controller :

Left stick to move
A to jumpa
R2 to shoot
L1 to switch players
X to pass to the first player
Y to pass to the second player
B to pass to the third
L2 to block

Pass and smash increase the strengh of the ball, which will cause more damage to ennemies.

  • Developer                                                 Pillonel Matthis
  • Visuals                                                         Rioust Lucas
  • Game Design / Sound Design        Afonso Alexandre 


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Thank you so much for the controller support! Its refreshing every once in a while. The music along with the sfx were a nostalgic blast from the past! Reminded me of a cross with NBA jam for some reason. The passing mechanic and having to control and set up the three players is fun. I enjoyed endlessly smashing purple dudes menacingly truffle shuffling towards me. Nice work!